Monday, October 27, 2008

old postings recycled

so my myspace account got tampered with and now condemned. they said i could renew it but i've actually sorta abandoned it anyway, so i didnt bother. but i had a few blog entries in there that i liked and sayang pulak if they just got lost like that. and since i cant blog much these days, guess i'll just re-post them entries here. these were written circa 2003-2005 , so all events "basi" already.
i realize too that i was way bitchier back then (hehe..) and used a lot more profanities. i've repented ok..ehem.

dont tell the world? ass!!

I had this friend (note the past tense) who's married to this idiotic moron aka moronic idiot who's simply a creep whom I've never put a liking to ever since we first met. And before they got married I did try and put some sense into my friend so she'd wake up and realize what a jerk this guy was. But love is so damn blind deaf dumb and numb (the jackass did hit her!), my words meant nothing to her, and she married the dumb brute.
I continued being friends with her for a while.. and to keep in touch, had to do it through the shitface husband.. cuz they shared handphones. Until one fine day, after she delivered their 2nd kid.. he confessed that he has always been in love with me (I puke evrytime I had to relive this) and that on the day of their wedding, which I attended for the sake of my friend-the bride, he had wished that he was actually marrying the both of us!(yes..double barf!!)

So I told him off lotsa times, and when he still wouldnt stop harrassing me till I was almost buleimic.. I told the wife. And apparently she already knew!!! He had told her! She made the husband apologize to me and we didnt contact each other for a while. Then .. the psycho was back at it again. I just ignored him. Even changed my number, but since we share the same group of friends (and I felt sorry for the wife at the time I didnt tell anyone who also knew them), and the wife seemed totally ok with contacting me again, we continued to occasionally chat on the phone. By then she already had her own phone , but at times called me up on the husband's phone, so he got my number too. Thing is .. she seemed to have really forgiven his sorry ass, and even invites me to their house and stuff. As if nuthin happened! I find that really weird. I declined evrytime 'course and never call her anymore.
The dumbass husband in the meantime, continues to sms me. I never replied. He would ask me out, tell me he's over me so can we be friends again and meet?, even wanna matchmake me with his friend so I would come over to his house and meet the guy (as if!), then scolds me for denying his rights to have a 2nd wife (hello?what about my right to deny a creepy-mangkuk hayun-lunatic as a husband?shheesh), told me he wants me as an idol for his kids, told me to call him "abang" (vomit right here!!), told me his father died, told me his kids (they have 3 or 4 now)were sick in the hospital, etc etc..just to get me to reply. Oh.. and had the nerve to tell me not to tell anyone who knows him about all this cuz "bad image la for me"-->his lousy words. To all which I ignored (and I've told almost evryone).

3-4 days ago, after spending 2 hrs at a restaurant hoping I would actually showup and dine with him(he actually came down to melaka..told u he's psycho)..I was actually in KL for my exam but 'course the loser didnt know this.. he called me up and I didnt answer.. he sms me to tell me he loves my "soft sweet voice" he heard on the voicemail which I wanted to puke blood to but instead got so damn mad that I sms him back: U stupid pathetic piece of shit.. if u continue to contact me again, I'll tell your wife again I swear. I dont even consider both of u my friends anymore so I have nuthin to lose. Get the hell out of my life!

Too nice?
So far it worked.He hadnt sms me for 3 whole days now. His atropic brain probably got the message then.
I tell ya.. there ARE such sickos in this world.



So I went to get groceries today with some friends, and we saw something unbelievable.
There was this woman, crouched in between two cars parked in a row right in front of the row I was parking.. and she had this boy with her...who looked to be around 3-4 yrs old.. and she was making him pee right there in between the cars!!
That's just not right.
I mean.. what was this woman thinking?
What was she teaching this kid? It's ok for a boy to piss long as they're outdoors? I mean.. it wasnt like we were on a grass field... she made him pee right there on the cement floor!!
Argh.. and I didnt get to tell her she shouldnt have done what she did. I had just parked my car at the time and this was at an underground carpark at a store that's really not doing well that they couldnt afford airconditioning and apparently lighting for the carpark as well.. and so we had to wait awhile for our eyes to accomodate to the dark too. By the time we realized what just happened, the woman had long zipped up the boy and gone. All that was left was the pool of fresh urine.

At least she didnt make him lift his leg up and aim for the tyre.


Wicked Witch of the near South

So.. somebody told me some time ago that I'm really "wickedly funny". I just met the girl that day.. she's a friend of a friend's friend (oh yeah, we're THAT close). I remembered saying something funny....or I believe it was funny cuz friend, his friend, and his friend's friend, were all laughing. So this joking around and laughing went on awhile, and I thought evryone was having a good time.. until it was time for my friend's friend to leave with his friend.. my friend's friend's friend said it, not directly to me, but to my friend.."hey, your friend ni is really wickedly funny." And she was stressing on the word "wickedly" too., I'm not sure now.. is that a compliment? Or the opposite? Am I funny in a wicked way, or wicked in a funny way? Cuz..well, the joking around that we did (mainly led by moi) was mostly directed to my friend, teasing him about his latest girlfriend. I know my friend didnt mind at all, cuz we do this to each other all the time. But what about the other two? Were they just politely laughing hysterically (can that be done?)..and secretly feeling sorry for my friend? Or were they just absolutely amused and enjoying the really funny things that I said?
So.. am I wicked in a funny way, like Lord Fuckwaad in Shrek (I know that's not how u spell the villain's name, but I'm not sure how it's actually spelled) or funny in a wicked those remarks/praises the critics give when they rave about some new bestseller fiction just out in the market? Is one better than the other?
Huh.. maybe not. So why do I care then?
O well. I don't remember now.
Do not confuse others as thou hath confused thyself. heheh.


que sera sera

I dont usually.. but right fuckin' now, I wish I'm someone else..

I wish I don't have to study for this exam..
I wish I'm a genius, so I dont have to study for ANY exams, and still pass..
I wish I got tons of money so I dont even have to work, and so I dont even have to sit for this exam..
I wish I'm elsewhere in this world, travelling and havin' a blastin good time..
I wish I'm talented..
I wish I could lose some of this baggage and fit into my ol kebaya again....
I wish I'M the one married to that ugly-fat-chainsmokin-but extremelyfunny guy that I've been flirting with earlier this year (well we were flirting with each other!), and thought was makin good progress,only to findout later he was getting married.. like a month before his wedding! Gah!
I wish I wish I wish..


sad sad story

A 2 yr-old boy, ate mi goreng, found that it was too pedas, went to look for water, found "water" in a cup, drank it... and the poor, poor, unfortunate little fella.. didnt know it was actually KEROSENE in that cup. Mom saw but it was too late, child already drank the whole cup (the mi was obviusly really2 pedas, for him at least). Mom made the child vomit (which is a big NO-NO! But she didnt know), and rushed him to the hospital. But too late, child already aspirated.. he was admitted to the ICU, and died a week later. Grandpa couldnt accept the fact, passed out right there on ICU when told that his grandchild is gone.

And to add more misery to it all, some stoopid mo-fucker actually stole the parents' car tyres (all 4 of them!) at the hospital parking lot, just a day before their child's death. Kesian sungguh.

Another sad story.. a 2 yr old boy, was with parents on a motorbike, mom was pregnant, both parents had helmets on, of course, but not the boy. The whole family unfortunately got into an accident.. dad walked away with few minor scratches, mom had a broken arm, baby in womb was ok, but little boy had severe head injury, died few days later.

It's so frustrating when u hear of stories like these. Deaths are inevitable, it's part of life. If God says it's time for u to go, then off u go. But accidents are preventable, we should try harder. Especially when we have sweet innocent little ones who really depend on us adults to look after them, to make sure that they're safe and happy.



Crap!..and a whole load of garbage..


It all started more than 2 months ago. I spilled my miniature bottle of Burberry Touch in my gym bag and so all my clothes that was in there got parfum all over. Which is fine, no one's complaining, not to my face anyway, and so it was fine.

Then, a week later, I realize, that I keep bumping into the garbage pakcik at my work place evrytime he's pushing the huge garbage tong. And walking behind him is plain nitemare, what with the smell of the fresh garbage coming out from the tong and all. At first I thought it was merely coincident, but then I realize that I'm bumping into him at different times each day. And it's not the same pakcik evrytime either, just any one of the garbage man pushing the tong, be it the regular green tongs, or the toxic yellow ones. I even bump into them at midnite, if I happen to be working then. They sometimes even cross in front of my car as I'm leaving/entering the carpark!

Then I thought.. ok.. mebbe it's just at the workplace.
But then.. I even bump into them when I'm not working, like at the shopping malls. Friends who were told about this at first would take it lightly, laughing at me, till they witnessed it themselves! One time, a friend and I were waiting for another friend outside a surau, and a huge green garbage tong was wheeled right in front of us! Then, on the sameday itself, we were trying out shoes in one of the shops in the same mall, another green garbage tong was wheeled and actually stopped right in front of the shop that we were in! My friends just couldn't believe their eyes.
Another time, I was hanging out with a few people at a sidewalk cafe, and this was way past midnite already, and the street was quiet except for a few cars/motorbikes buzzin thru once a while, and suddenly a huge garbage truck passed by!

It seems that, anywhere I go, anytime of the day, it will happen, this bumping-into-garbage tongs/trucks episodes.. on a daily basis..without fail! I dont look out for them at all, I usually dont even remember, until I actually bump into them.
On a daily basis! For the past 2 months! oh.. except for ONE Sunday, when I wasn't well, and decided to stay home all day, not one foot out the house. Only then did I not see any of them garbage tongs/trucks. And that was the ONLY day so far that was garbage-free for me. In 2 months!

So now it has become so obvious that my friends started to make up some sort of horoscopic/astrologic reasons/predictions as to why this is happening to me. Like.."nak murah rezeki kot".. "nak kawin ngan garbage man kot" .. "u smell too damn nice that u need a daily dose of foul smell to neutralize evrything kot" (whaa..?).. etc.etc.

I started off with the spilled perfume bit there, not that it has anything to do with this, mebbe..but .. o well, whatever..

It's still funny, but somewhat weird too I think. Why cant I bump into nicer things tho, like a nice fancy car, or a nice (smelling) hunky man? Cet!


it's just melanin!

eg 1) TV ad about a whitening product:
There's this dark-skinned girl, who for this reason wasnt noticed by this guy before when both of them were attending the same college. Girl then used the whitening product, became "white" and guy immediately notices her now that she's "white", she's like oh-so-beautiful-I-got-to-ask-her-out-for-a-movie-even-tho-I've-seen-the-movie.
Girl then gets excited when guy asks her out for a movie, which she has also seen before, but so what.
They went for the movie, and fall in love, and end up together.

eg 2) A "healthy" conversation with an ex some time ago. I think we were talking about vitamins, cant remember how it later turned into facial care:
Jrk: So, u dont use a lot of make-up do u?
Me: Nope.
Jrk: Wash your face?
Me: (huh?) 'course.
Jrk: What type of soap dya use?
Me: (HUH?) U mean like the brand?
Jrk: Yeah.
Me: Why?
Jrk: Saja nak tau..I wanna know all about u (wide charming smile ON)
Me: (rolling eyes, named the brand I was using at the time)
Jrk: What about mosturizers?
Me: (holy crap-oly, is this guy for real?)Yes actually and I use **(whatever brand it was I was using at the time)
Jrk: Oh, is it one of those whitening cream stuff..?
Me: O-no, biasa je..
Jrk: Hmm.. mebbe u should try one of those. I think it works quite well.. My sis uses ***(brand) and now her skin's really cantik, dah putih. It might help with those pores too.
Me: (mouth opened in disbelief. He didnt notice cuz we were in the car and he was driving)
I should've told him to buff up his scrawny ass! See how he feels about that.
We broke up in the end, but it wasnt because of my skin. I think.Heh.

It's so interesting that over in the west, they make tanning products and bronzing creams like there's no tomorrow, while over here, women (and maybe men too) go crazy over whitening products. I mean, good facial care IS important (I DO wish my pores are smaller and I never get breakouts) but why the obsession with skin color?
I know people have discussed the un-fair-ness of this issue before. People are just never happy with whatever we already have, and always want something more, something less, or something else.

Nowadays the TV ad I mentioned above keeps coming on, romantic lines and all, it's driving me up the wall. Gag.


i dream of Genie....

Say u were walking on the beach..
Say suddenly u tripped over something and fell... (this may be familiar to some people..hehe..)
Say u looked at the thing u tripped over n found that it's an old broken lamp...
Knowin' the drill.. u rubbed the lamp..
and "poof!", there's the genie u were hoping would poof out of the lamp.. (whether it turns out to be a big, blue, bloated genie, or sexy blonde genie in a bikini, I leave it to ur imagination)
The genie says "U may have 3 wishes...blablabla..."

What would u wish for?

My wish list:
1) To be able to speak and understand many different languages other than Malay n English (ie:Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin/Cantonese, Tamil/Hindi, French, Spanish, German, Tolkien's Elvish)

2) To be able to play several musical instruments (drum, guitar, piano, violin)

3) Have better hair and skin, weigh 7kg less, and stand 4cm taller

hiyaa.. I know.. I know... What about world peace? See, what I'll do is, I'll put the lamp back into the sand, send a beauty queen-with-brains-who-already-has- evrything-she-needn't-wish-for-anything-else, to stumble over the lamp, and SHE wishes for world peace

I guess my wishes are valid only if the genie would consider one sentence as one wish.

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