Sunday, October 19, 2008

to lis with love..

i was going for my facial last week when i felt maybe i should send lis, my car, for a wash. it seemed like a good idea since 1) i was gonna be at the facial a good one and a half hours 2) the carwash is right at the mall carpark so i could just leave it there and not worry about finding a parking space 3) lis hasnt had a good wash for.. umm.. more than a year now (yikes, i know) 4) the recent couple of encounters i had with baby roaches in the car is a strong indication how dirty lis is..

so, i sent her there, and just before i got out i thought maybe i should just throw the pieces of paper all over the floor over at the side passenger seat. and lo and behold, i found the gold ring i just bought and lost (on the same day) about 2 weeks ago! yay! another indication that i've made the right decision to wash her.
now when i talked to the guy at the carwash, i asked if a polish and a wax are still possible for the car, seeing as it hadnt been washed for a long time. he asked how long and i told him, and when he raised his brows, i quickly added "yeah, i lent the car to somebody else and he obviously doesnt care for it at all!". heeee...i was too ashamed to admit my own negligence.

when i went to pick lis back after the facial, i was really happy to see her gleaming shiny body, till the guy pointed to me that the paint on the top of the car was already damaged that the first spray of water from the hose ripped a few spots right off it! that really made me feel guilty.. especially when the guy said " you should get the guy to pay you for a new paint", referring to the imaginary borrower i made up earlier.

so yeah, i'm sorry lis, i plan to repaint you soon and vow never to neglect you again, and take good care of you..


Anonymous said...

If it makes u feel any better, I know somebody whose car has a baby cockroach!!!

emie said...

other than me? reallly? ah who?