Friday, October 24, 2008

late latte

my roomate and me were "trying" to study (hee..) and the tv was on (how did that happen?) and this show latte@8 is on, the one jason lo hosts live from a starbucks cafe somewhere in the klang valley, i assume..i've actually never watched it, (it's friday nite and we're not oncall..if it wasnt because of the damned exam just around the corner-we wouldnt normally be at home in front of the tv at this hour!)
anyway, i dont have much time here(hee..) but there was this interesting segment we saw on the show just now which i thought i'd share here:

they had this list made up : top 5 things-what will happen if a ufo landed in malaysia?
#5) the immigration office will have a real alien problem
#4) they cant actually land in malaysia, because there is never any parking!
#3) we'll have "cuti-cuti ufo"
#2) the mamaks will start making "roti ufo"
#1) the alien will get immediate datukship!!

ok.. that #1 thing, is really funny i thought..we both ended up laughing. chances are the datukship will be from melaka too..ha-ha!
(i am based in melaka right now by the way ;))
so anyway, i thought that was kinda cool too, about the show i mean; there were quite a number of jokes that were only funny to malaysian or at least to anyone aware of all things malaysian.
the only other comment i have about the show is that everyone seemed to be so obviously sweating all the time! were they outdoors? if not then, no airconditioning meh?

ok, back to the books now!

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