Saturday, November 08, 2008

bintulu break and a birthday-to-you

went to bintulu to spend a couple of days with my sister's kids.
it was good fun. i miss them already now.
i babysat them while the parents went off to see the new bond movie.
today the daycare/kindy that they both go to had a prize-giving ceremony, and so they had the kids all dressed up and singing and dancing. they're all so cute!
it's also amirah's 3rd birthday today, so my sis brought a cake to the event. it's funny too the way amirah uses the term "birthday-to-you" instead of just birthday.
e.g. "esok yah punye birthday-to-you.. bila cikyang (that's me) punye birthday-to-you?"
and then, to my mom when she called her: "makpah (that's my mom) punye birthday-to-you dah lepas ye? hari ni yah punye birthday-to-you.." cute.
as for aliff,well, he doesnt really care, as long as there's enough satay and cake for him ;)


Mignon said...

comeyyyyy...... your niece and nephew, I mean.

Izzi still maintain slim. And so bergaya with that tudung fashion.

emie said...

mig: yeah, i know..izzi maintain slim n bergaya, and i maintain selebet n tudung senget..hehe.