Wednesday, November 12, 2008

orang minyak

i was talking to a friend today, about being in the "honeymoon period" right now.. you know, that period after the exam's over and all you can do is just wait for the results to come out.. lucky her she's got about a month before her results are ready, while i only have a week..
one week only..
i wish the week never ends..
i wish friday never comes..
but it's coming..yea. i know.

anyway, i wont dwell on that. we were actually talking about this "honeymoon period" right now being the best time to just do nothing but watch as much tv as we want to, but there are hardly any good shows on! why was it that just a week ago..when we had to study like mad everyday, and every second counts, and watching a whole show on tv made us feel really guilty, but all the shows on tv then seemed really good?

like tonight for instance, right at this moment, i'm actually watching this movie-orang minyak-cuz there's nothing else on that are interesting!
the movie was made quite recent..not the p.ramlee version..that one is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better i tell ya!
i would categorize this as a z-movie..not a b, or a c...but a z. it's that bad, but there's something about it that made me keep on watching, instead of just turning it off (like i said, no use flipping the channels anymore cuz i cant find anything else that's interesting, and i do have a few dvds i can watch instead but i'm too lazy to get them from the room upstairs..hee).
it's like this sci-fi/horror movie with these stiff actors whose voices dont synchronize with their lip movements most of the time (poor audio editing), and low quality cgi and special effects, unfunny lines (where it was supposed to be funny), etc.
i'm not sure if the movie makers were actually trying to make this a z-movie on purpose .. but if they were, then i would have to give them credits for it...they actually did it well!
(btw, in case you dont know, there are such things as z-movies ok, i didnt make it up).

oh..and this is funny.. i googled the movie. to find who the producers/directors/actors are. one site translated the title to english.. check this..
orang minyak is --> OILY MAN !!
oh..the tears..

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