Friday, August 15, 2008


wow.. fedex and the williams sisters are out of the singles matches! talk about this being a bad year for federer. all three are still playing in the doubles matches tho.. but still, wow.

yay to choong wei and malaysia, for making it into the finals. the other semifinals are still playing at the moment, but looks to me choong wei will most probably face lin dan in the finals on sunday. so dunno.. we'll at least get the silver for sure, but getting gold will be super duper awesome for msia. come on choong wei, make us proud.. (if myr1 mil is not motivational enough for him, i dunno what is).

that penang guy-cheng whatshisname-almost made it to the semis in archery today.. dang!

athletics have also started today, looking forward to that, as well as synchronized swimming.

well, looks like my housemates will have to continue to bear with me for hogging the tv for these 2 weeks. hee...

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