Sunday, August 31, 2008

to whine, to shine..?

it has been a stressful month or so at work. the ward and nursery is forever full lately, with sick babies and kids... and the ever demanding parents! they're just getting on my nerves. i mean, it's one thing if you're being worried/concerned for your kid, but it's a whole different thang when it's pure paranoia thinking doctors are there to purposely hurt your kid for fun.
i've blogged about this before but arrrrggghhh.. everyday is becoming a struggle now for me, to get my bum off the bed every morning and drag myself to work to face these parents. parents who decide to bring their kid in at 2am because the kid's been havin' cough and cold past few days, and havent been able to sleep tonight, (thus keeping the parents up as well).. and then by the time the docs do the rounds at 8am, they're already asking to go home. so i tell them "well, u just came in 5 hours ago..why not stay another night so we can observe your kid a bit more?", and when they still insist, giving us 101 reasons as to why it's difficult for them to stay on, i had no choice but to let them go (usually at their own risk (AOR) if they insist), only to have them come back two days later, cuz the kid's still sick. well, d-uh!
some of them who had insisted the earlier discharge and signed the AOR, upon seeing another doctor on re-admission, even have the nerve to say "actually the day my kid was discharged, he/she was still not that well yet but the doctor still discharged him/her anyway" !!!
aiyoh..sabar jelah..

so why do i still drag my butt to work everyday? sounds corny..but for the innocent little patients of course. they dont get to choose their parents, and some are just unlucky to get stupid ones. so screw those parents, i'm there to help the kids.. but then i dont know how long i can hold on..

patients like cute lil JK here, who has apalstic anaemia, is forever playful when she's relatively well, and refuses to stay isolated in her room.. she likes to tease me, but decides to play shy when i aimed for a shot of her picture. she btw, has great support from her parents and extended family.. and they've always been cooperative with us as well. just to point out that there are exceptions of course.

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