Sunday, August 17, 2008


hya.. what a way to lose.. this is probably the worst ever game played by chong wei. lin dan maintained his usual greatness and confidence, with the additional advantage of the roaring home crowd of course.. but chong wei was obviously all nerves! he had a 50-50 chance to win the gold medal, like his coach-misbun said, he's got nuthin to lose(except mebbe 1 million ringgit?;)) .. but boy was that match crappy. no negaraku for us.. but at least we got a silver. chong wei still deserves a lotta credit for that. am watching the victory ceremony.. he looks really sad.. like he's been crying even. kesian. takpe chong wei. you still did good. malaysia got a silver thanks to you. we're still proud.
my brother texted me saying he was probably at fault too, cuz he had actually watched the game and therefore had probably jinxed it. he had apparently missed all events won by the malaysian shuttlers in the olympics so far, and those matches whose scores he managed to follow live online, were the ones we lost. oh, and the only time he did catch a glimpse of a live match on tv, it was when chong wei lost in the 2nd set against hyunil in the semis. so he was being a bit (silly &)superstitious tonight and didnt want to watch the game, but everyone else in malaysia were watching, including at the warung where he was having makan, so he just had to join in. hence the loss. hehe.

azizul hasni awang made it to the top 8 in the sprint event in cycling btw.. so malaysia still got hope.

the jamaican women just swept all 3 medals for the 100m race...with 1 gold and 2 silvers! no bronze even..they were dead even at 2nd place! and just yesterday, that usain bolt (very fitting last name) won another great gold medal for jamaica in the 100m men.
just realized too that the records (world & olympics) for the women's 100m made by the great flo-jo in 1988, still remain unbroken. wow.

another wow here...unsurpirising, but wow still.. is that human fish -michael phelps- he got his eight golds, just like he wanted. cool.

in tennis-the william sisters won their doubles gold, fedex had to settle for a doubles gold as well..and he seemed real happy with that, so that's good..and rafa continued his winning streak this year with his olympic gold.

looking forward to more finals ahead.


ijad said...

salam... apa khabar...

Mignon said...

Allo Emie,
errr...this is the 'twin-you-never-wanted' from down under.

Out of curiosity - upon reading your reference of Phelps being the human fish, I reckon there's no fish that swims as fast as he does (ye ke? Any marine biologist who can enlighten us?)

Anyway, thanks for providing me with the distractions from data analysis.

p/s just in case you'd go looking for it, no, I don't do blog. Sorry!

emie said...

ijad: salam. baik.
mignon: yea, that wasnt the best nick to give him (phelps). my point was that he's a great swimmer.. human fish so corny, but that was the only thing i caould think of at that time ;)
how come no blogs anymore? that busy huh? o well..