Monday, August 11, 2008

a lovely weekend..lovely lovely

friday nite-caught the beijing olympics opening live. a friend at work commented that half of the people in china were probably involved in the huge spectacular event. well, more than half was involved i think, probably leaving just enough for the rest to be the athletes themselves.
and the fireworks! smokin...literally...i wonder if the haze got worse after that? ;)
and twas cool seeing some of the more well-known athletes taking part in the march.. the great fed-ex, rafa (he's so cute when he smiles), kobe bryant, the williams sisters, etc..

saturday-went back to kl for a picnic potluck with a few gals from one of my old schools-mrsm taiping. it was great.. everyone havent changed much. there were the usual issues: work, politics, religion, men, gossips, sex (oh yeah)...but with most already being mothers now, it was interesting when the discussion also included issues like school fees, smart reader schools, and which laundry detergent is the best to get rid of those stubborn stains on your kids' clothes! those of us who are still child-free should have taken notes! (but none of us did, not about the detergent anyway..the sex talk was waaaaaayy more informative ;))

the venue was at the cyberjaya lake, which was nice, not crowded at all, and lots of shady areas. the only problem, which i thought was actually quite major, was the toilet facilities. the one by the car park was dirty and had no water, and the other nearest facility was at the clubhouse, supposedly only accessible to members, but we crashed in anyway. when you had to go, you had to go eh.

saturday nite-went to klia to send another friend off to japan. she's married with 4 kids, and yet is crazy enough to further her studies to get her phd. "kau betul ke tak betul ni yat?"

sunday-went down south to see another old friend, who had her 2nd baby a couple of months ago(he's a handsome baby, and they got him such a cool name!).

the handsome amir ryu a.k.a the dragon prince. move over, knox leon!

the other best part of the trip is of course, the fruits-mainly rambutans and mangosteens. yum yum!

by sunday nite, i was bushed... slept earlier than usual (after catching up the olympics highlights 'course).. but yeah, it was a lovely weekend indeed.

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