Wednesday, August 13, 2008

time well wasted

schize.. the malaysian doubles (KKK & TBH) are not looking too good at the moment.

saw the movie across the universe, musical based on the songs from the beatles. i loved it.. the songs are already great to begin with.. the story was also quite good.. the simple love story, the vietnam war, the songs, the actors.. cool. really took a liking to joe anderson, who totally looks like kurt cobain btw.
after watching this i immediately downloaded the soundtrack. nice.

also saw forgetting sarah marshall.. funny lah..worth mentioning that it shows male frontal nudity-instead of female for a change.... oh, and mila kunis is so pretty in this movie too.

lars and the real girl - interesting. liked it. ryan gosling is so cool. i prefer his acting in this one compared to half nelson.
half nelson - okay lah. biasa.

the bank job - liked it, especially because it was actually based on a real story. all that scandal. wow.

hairspray - not my kinda movie.

am playing with the idea of going to see susuk.. hmm..mebbe..

darn it..the boys lost the 1st set :(

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